Our Numbers

Eligibility requirements

  • Have a lawyer representing your asylum case
  • Less than $1000 to cover expenses, and need housing
  • Have no work permit or have just received it within the last 6 months

Housing and Food

Up to 24 asylum seekers housed at once

Up to 5 DASH apartments

Single women or women with children may be temporarily houses with host families.

An average asylum seeker stays in our program 1-2 years while waiting on their work permits.

98% are successfully launched into financial independence within 7 months after receiving their work permit.

We provide 26,280 meals per year when we are at full capacity.


DASH has about 100 volunteers.

Every asylum seeker in our program is paired with an Advocate (mentor).

DASH hosts celebratory events 4 times per year for asylum seekers and volunteers.

But the countless conversations around dinner tables, the relational and emotional impact of Americans standing with asylum seekers and saying “I am with you through this. You are not alone.” is not something that can be quantified.


Our 2018 operating budget was approximately $150,000.00.

About 60% of our budget went directly to house and feed asylum seekers.

The other 40% was spent on salaries and events for asylum seekers.

  • DASH is able to operate without the overhead costs of an office because City Church in Fort Worth graciously allows us to share their meeting space. We also frequently meet in homes and coffee shops.
  • DASH runs with a modest staff of only 2 full-time employees (Executive Director, Director of Operations) and 2 part-time employees (Board President, Caseworker).
  • Beyond that, the lifeblood of DASH is its host of dedicated and amazing volunteers.

Funding Source: DASH receives no government funding. All funding is from individual donors, churches and local businesses. We have just one fundraiser each Fall and this enables our operations for the upcoming fiscal year.