Our Services:


DASH Network houses our residents at the Historic Homes of Parker Commons in downtown Fort Worth. We have a combination of women, men, and family apartments. The location of Parker Commons provides our residents with access to the bus route, the hospital district, and some of Fort Worth’s best public schools. In addition to these apartments, we occasionally place single women in host homes located within 5 miles of downtown. Interested in hosting? Apply here.


Food is provided from local food banks twice a month and supplemented by grocery volunteers. Grocery volunteers sponsor one apartment and either deliver or take seekers shopping to pick out fresh food. Interested in being a grocery volunteer? Apply here.


Relationships are at the heart of everything we do. We desire for every seeker to form meaningful relationships and find community while in our program. To this end, each seeker is paired with 1-2 advocates who meet together at least twice per month. The advocate-seeker relationship is a mutually giving relationship where volunteers and seekers learn about one another’s cultures and support one another through genuine friendship. Interested in being an advocate? Apply here. Additionally, the DASH family gathers every Sunday evening at Parker Commons. These evenings are when we offer our THRIVE Academy classes. Guest Speakers come and speak on a variety of topics from health, to finances, to professional development based on the stated interests of our seekers. Some THRIVE nights include community building outings such as soccer games or movie nights.


Our hope is to launch every seeker into a place of independence upon graduation from our program. To overcome two of the biggest barriers to this goal, DASH Network offers ESL classes and Job Corp training through partnerships with local churches.

Social Work:

DASH Network employs a part-time Case Worker– a former DASH graduate herself, to assist our seekers with resource connections and community referrals. Her services include coordinating medical appointments, referring to community partners to find clothing and furniture, school and WIC registration, etc.