Our Vision

DASH Network started out as a ministry of the Fort Worth City Church and became a 501c3 nonprofit in the spring of 2018.

We are educating, inspiring and partnering with other DFW churches and communities in order to grow the capabilities of DASH to bless more asylum seekers around the country. We want every asylum seeker to be known and loved, and we believe that happens best through greater involvement from local churches and local communities.

Our vision is:
“That every forgotten, isolated, and homeless asylum seeker in Dallas Fort-Worth would have a place to call home and people to love them with Christ’s love.”

How many people are we talking about? We estimate only about hundred asylum seekers in DFW are in need of our services. Some asylum seekers come here with a contact of a relative, and/or money to support themselves, but we want to have capacity for ALL hundred or more of those in DFW who do not have that support.

Together we can realistically meet that whole need over the next few years. Together we can solve this whole problem in our metroplex.